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Kaleb here! I like a thing or two. 22, majoring in Jazz Studies and English. Questions and conversations are welcome, and so is pasta and philosophical redundancy interspersed with infinite threads of idealism and Coca-cola. Enjoy the sights and sounds!

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Hello friends, I am here

Still alive, moved out and haven’t had a computer to go on lately except at school and it’s really weird being on tumblr at school but I’m in a secluded corner and no one’s around and I thought HEY WHY NOT. Hope everyone’s doing well!

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 Giang H.Le


Land of Enchanted Skies by Laura Travels on Flickr.

Cancerians care deeply about their friends and loved ones. They are very protective and will want to be there for them as much as they can. They generally make good friends, because when they are needed, they will be there even if their friends have hurt them.

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breakneck by Ahmed Mahin Fayaz

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Lay Your Ghosts To Rest | Between The Buried and Me

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